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J. "SinXero" Beltran


Employing an abstract sensibility, artist SinXero creates paintings reliant on physical and visual textures, inextricably linked to bursts of intense color. Backed by a coordinated process that balances planned layers and spontaneous actions, SinXero transfers the energy of his environment and artistic vision onto paper, panels, canvas and large-scale murals.


SinXero’s most recent work experiments with the ability to elicit an emotional, sensory response through presentation of a seemingly ever-changing surface that is built by the combination and layering of various traditional and non-traditional mediums. Suggestions of flux are created by the inclusion of time, seasonality, chemical reaction, handmade textural materials, and purposefully de-constructed or destroyed paintings throughout the process of creating those specific pieces.


SinXero’s use of materials and techniques to manipulate movement, space, and depth is achieved through a range of mediums including the erratic explosion of compressed paint from punctured aerosol spray cans, chemical dissolvents, oil and acrylic paints, pastels, inks, polymer dispersion, resin, plaster, varnishes, tempera and marble powder. Equally important, the artist often applies these materials with unconventional tools including trowels, squeegees, syringes and brooms, in addition to traditional and handmade brushes and applicators.


Conscious and subconscious actions, infused with introspection, concepts of philosophy and social development, and automatic compositions make SinXero a dynamic multi-disciplinary artist. His emotional intensity culminates in a rebellious, electrifying energy that breathes life into his paintings and make them a mirror of the human psyche. SinXero’s vision and experimentation with a wide range of styles and materials support his ability to draw attention to persistent personal and social issues that exist in our communities.


As a child, SinXero loved drawing pictures he saw in Sunday newspaper comics and in collections of Britannica Encyclopedias. SinXero’s talents were further developed when he enrolled at Art & Design High School in 1984 where he focused on Art & Photography. In 2000, he freelanced, providing print and digital media solutions to clients as a graphic designer. Later on in 2002, SinXero attended Borough of Manhattan Community College as a part-time night student where he received an award for outstanding leadership skills applied to the growth and success of Acentos Latinos Magazine as its Editor in Chief and earned a degree in Writing and Literature. Seeking to flourish further in his growing passion for art and technology, he matriculated at NYC College of Technology in 2007, where his areas of concentration were under Art, Photography, Advertising & Communication Design and Graphic Design, as well as, Web Design.


On October, 2015, J. "SinXero" Beltran embarked on producing a series. In producing these sculpture like paintings with impasto methods, chemical burns and color palettes of choice, SinXero questioned his place mentally, physically and spiritually in an ever changing society, need to live and prevail against adversity in this ongoing body of work through his complex process.


On November, 2016, J. "SinXero" Beltran was noticed by Velvenoir, European Art Consultancy & Gallery and secured representation across the globe for select large-scale abstract paintings. In October, 2016, SinXero secured Arches oil papers from France as a sponsor. In June, 2016, he captured the attention of his new oil & acrylic paint sponsor, LUKAS, Artist's Colours since 1862, whom Vincent Van Gogh painted HIS oil masterpieces with, as well as, the renowned Georg Baselitz & in May, 2016, he was featured in The New York Times.


SinXero's explosive new work is capturing the attention of both art collectors and collection managers alike. His successful Tribeca art debut in May, 2015 has also received high acclaim from former Sotheby's and Christie's curators. A painting of his, "When In Rome," showcased at the famed Norwood Arts Club in Chelsea, NY August, 2015 through August, 2016.


Currently, SinXero is an American Multi-disciplinary artist, Fine Art Marketing Advisor and Brand Ambassador, as well as, the Founder & Executive Director of TAG Public Arts Project Inc., a 501 (c)3 Not for Profit in NY State. To date, SinXero has opened his own art gallery in New York, SinXero Contemporary, secured sponsorship from AS Hanging Display Systems & produced a plethora of paintings, as well as, donated contemporary murals to a multitude of public art projects in an effort to "enhance the visual landscape of urban communities with art."


Artist's Statement


I am proud to having been raised in The Bronx because my old neighborhood's surroundings (my borough's layers, textures & palette of colors) from Prospect & 182nd (Near The Bronx Zoo) to E. 159th St. & St. Ann's (Near the landmark Bronx Borough Courthouse at Third Ave. and E. 161st St. in The South Bronx) & then to Monroe Projects on Story & Taylor Avenues all influence my wide range of techniques. Memories of economic collapse (The Burning Bronx) that looked like a war zone still manifest in my Contemporary Art today.


Brian Maloney Quote:


"J. "SinXero" Beltran is a force. His paintings are unique, vibrant and beautifully crafted. His signature style is an exciting new fine art form full of energy and powerful imagery. His passion for his art and creative technique is endless. SinXero is a gifted artist and a true professional in every sense of the word."


Brian Maloney • Director • CUSP NYC Gallery (TriBeCa)


Nicole Bray quote:


"Combining rich textures, vibrant colors and dynamic gestures, Sinxero’s highly finished works draw on the urban decay and renewal of his local environment, The Bronx."


Nicole Bray, Founder of Mercer Contemporary - Art Consulting & Curation.

Winner of The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and Artsy Emerging Curator Competition, 2015. Collection Consultant, Cohen Family Private Art Collections. Phillips Auction House, Freelance, NYC, NY.


Blek Le Rat quote:


"Sinxero is simply an outstanding artist, highly productive and intriguing with a lot of charisma and talent."


Blek Le Rat, Legendary Stencil Art Pioneer


Michael DesRosiers Quote:


“Sinxero's particular process often creates violent scarified surfaces…yet in a tremendous gesture of painterly optimism, he infuses them with a healing coat of spectrally complex color…I always find spiritual renewal in that particular juxtaposition!”


Michael DesRosiers • Modern Artist